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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

We have some controversy in the match this week. Who will come out on top? Mattei? D'Amato? Fulci?! Tune in to find out who takes home round 4. 

Jun 1, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

Ring the damn bell! D'Amato is up 2 rounds on Mattei going into this week. Will Mattei come out swinging with Rats or will Killing Birds lock D'Amato up as the GOAT. The GOAT of what? I don't know but maybe we'll find out in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

May 25, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

Sorry for the delay but we are back and ready for round two of the battle no one asked for. D'Amato vs. Mattei continues with Video Nasty week when we see Antropophagus step into the ring with Hell of the Living Dead. Who will come out on top this round?! Who Cares?! Enjoy! 

May 11, 2021

Hello Horror Heads, 

Get ready for the start of a knockout dragout match between two heavyweights. For the next five weeks we will be pitting Joe D'Amato against Bruno Mattei. Originally we thought this was to find out who the biggest idiot was. After week 1 though we may be looking at who we crown the KING OF SCHLOCK....

Apr 27, 2021

Hello Goomba Heads! 

This weekend we had our live show that was at best chaotic. What came out of it was this episode. Hope you enjoy it and we will never try to do two movies in a single night ever again.