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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! I think this is an episode about Xtro? We don't really discuss it until about 20 minutes in but I swear at some point we talk about this bizarre alien movie. Enjoy!

Jan 12, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

This week we look at the infamous 1995 action/horror movie Project Metalbeast. There is no action or horror in this movie, however, if you want to see people talk and discuss the ethical/moral dilemmas of being doctors this is the movie for you! Enjoy!

Jan 5, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! We're going back to the castle well with the Castle Freak reboot from 2020. Does the new Castle Freak have a butthole? Will Sweat Jeff Combs be in? All will be revealed in this episode. Enjoy!

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Dec 29, 2020

Hello Horror Heads!

Fresh off our virtual live show for December we're hungover as hell, a fitting way to celebrate the week of New Years. Equally fitting is the movie End of Days where the end times is set to begin at January 1st, 2000. This is our first Arnold movie and it was great. Enjoy! 

Dec 22, 2020

Hello Horror Heads. Happy holidays and a soon to be Merry Christmas. We literally never mention Christmas once in this Christmas episode but whatever. We're talking about Dial Code Santa Clause a bizarre movie from France. Enjoy!