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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

All Documented, All True returns with their free episode of the month as we look into the exorcism that took place in our home state and was the true story behind the 2009 film "A Haunting in Connecticut."

Oct 18, 2022

Happy David Gordan Green-a-ween! 

We are on the final chapter of this very divisive trilogy! We are discussing 2022's Halloween Ends. How will they wrap up this cinematic masterpiece? I saw it and still don't know. 


Oct 11, 2022

Hello Horror Heads! 

Welcome back to another episode where we revisit a movie we briefly touched on almost 300 episodes ago in episode 8. We're talking about Halloween H20 from 1998. Enjoy!

Oct 4, 2022

Hello Horror Heads,

We kick off October with our first new release episode in a while. We are talking about Rob Zombie's return with The Munsters movie now available on Netflix. Enjoy!