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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Jan 25, 2022

Hello Horror Heads! 

We had an extra week before wrapping up our Scream series with a live show so we decided to do a very Scream adjacent movie, Cherry Falls. The most expensive made for tv movie ever, featuring some of the most bizarre behavior captured on film. Enjoy! 

Jan 18, 2022

Hello Horror Heads! 

We have reached the not-so-dramatic conclusion to our Scream recap. This week we cover the newly released Scream (5?, 2022?)! The beginning of the episode is spoiler-free and we do give a warning once we go into the full recap so if you want to tune in and hear an overview review of the movie GO...

Jan 11, 2022

Hello Horror Heads! We're approaching the end of our journney through the Scream franchise and we are wrapping up with a bang and return to form (the franchise not the show)! Enjoy!

Jan 4, 2022

Hello Horror Heads, 

We're at the middle point of the Scream franchise with what was supposed to be the FINAL SCREAM MOVIE EVER! It wasn't. I think that's a good thing. This week we're talking Scream 3.