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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Hello Horror Heads, 

We did a fun, somewhat intellectual talk last week about a burning topic among the horror community. What better way to end October than to discuss a movie no one cares about or has heard about. This week we do Hauntedween a gem from 1991 that looks like it was filmed in 1971. 

Oct 19, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

It's time to discuss a new release. We have been chomping at the bit to discuss Halloween Kills and we wasted no time. EVIL DIES TONIGHT BABY!

Oct 12, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

We promised no more Disney but here we are promising no more Disney again and also promising Disney next year. This episode is super loose but hopefully you enjoyyyy. 


Oct 5, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

We're kicking off October and our Halloween programming with the widely requested Halloween 5. It's loved and hated but mostly hated. So tune in to see what Mike Myers the body surfer is up to.