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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Hello Hangover Heads, 

After a 5 hour live show, we are shot. But not shot enough to do a new feature that we call The Hangover Show. Enjoy! 

Mar 23, 2021

Hello Horror Heads! 

We are backkkk and we are traveling to the land of our forefathers, Ireland, to talk about Rawhead Rex. Written by Clive Barker and intended to be about a 9 foot tall walking penis, Rawhead unfortunately underdelivers in that area. But hey what could go wrong? 

Mar 16, 2021

Hello Horror Heads, 

It's the day before St. Patrick's Day so what better way to celebrate than with one of the all-time best St Patty's themed movies EVER. Muck. Oh, you haven't heard of Muck? It's the second movie in a trilogy that was never made... so it's just one movie... not a trilogy. Not ringing any bells?...

Mar 9, 2021

Sorry guys no new episode again this week but we will be back for sure next week. Peace and love, peace and love.