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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

Hey everyone no new episode this week but a BIG announcement! 

Jun 19, 2018

Well we're on week two of 90's  Sucked. Which means another good movie because we have no sense. We look at Tales From the Crypt's first movie Demon Knight which we've discussed a lot but never covered. Enjoy! 

Jun 12, 2018

Kicking off 90's sucked month with a movie from the 90's that most definitely didn't suck and completely defeating the purpose of the entire 4 weeks worth of programing was a terrible idea. This week we're watching the super low budget There's Nothing Out There. 

Jun 5, 2018

BoreCore II: As Boring As They Want to Be. This week Sean and Joe proclaim a King of BoreCore, who is the Cock and Ball Torture of horror movies and much more. Enjoy! 

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