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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Jul 25, 2017

Welcome back Horror Heads. Thank you so much for joining us again. This week we have another THS certified CLASSIC. Bad Taste. Peter Jackson's first attempt at a feature film is exactly what Joe and Sean were looking for in the Summer of Splatter. 

Jul 18, 2017

Hello Horror Heads! Welcome back again. We lose Paul but the Summer of Splatter rolls on with Street Trash. I don't know if we've EVER loved a movie more than street trash. Certified THS approved, which means next to nothing but oh well! 


Jul 11, 2017

Hello Horror Heads! Summer of Splatter is back with Tourist Trap. A movie a lot of our of fans love and a lot also hate. The good news is we barely talk about this movie because Paul has a tendency to completely derail an episode... so... enjoy, I guess. 

Jul 4, 2017

Hello Horror Heads and welcome back! This week we start our Summer of Splatter (or whatever) by taking a look at the ridiculously titled Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama with returning guest Paul! There's no splatter... there's actually not much of anything so... what a way to kick this off. Sigh...