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The Horror Show: A Horror Movie Podcast

Aug 25, 2015

Hello Kiddies, thank you all for downloading! This week we dive into our second ever episode of Tales from the Crypt titles Lower Berth. We're a bit tired, a bit punch drunk, and there was a cat literally jumping from the ceiling. What could go wrong? We play a little Bad Ronald and introduce a new feature on the show...

Aug 11, 2015

Thank you horror fans for downloading The Horror Show! This week we get right into Joe's 10 essential horror films that you would show to someone who's never seen a horror movie before. Joe and Sean debate what a creature feature is, if Jaws is a horror movie, and what old time actor The Rock should do an impression of...

Aug 7, 2015

Just a quick mini episode for you all. This week Sean tries to do his best Lebron Jame's impression when the guys reveal our huge announcement. Starting this September The Horror Show will be joining the Fangoria Podcast Network!